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Shrabana Sengupta is an MLB writer at EssentiallySports. Shrabana shot to fame when she covered two prime MLB events: the 2023 World Series and the Free Agency that followed. During the 2023 World Series, Shrabana wrote her unfeigned perspectives on the Texas Rangers’ Corey Seager and his wife, the 27x World Series Champions’ heartbreaking season, and later covered Shohei Ohtani’s highly anticipated record-breaking contract in 2023-24. During the same course, Shrabana garnered multiple Editors Picks for her wide coverage. When not writing content fuelled by her passion for MLB, Shrabana loves to spend her free time honing her artistic skills.

Articles By Author

Details Revealed About Bad Bunny’s Sports Agency Facing Intense Scrutiny by MLBPA for Allegedly Bribing MLB Players With Lavish Gifts

Details surface of Bad Bunny’s Rimas Sports facing accusations of bribing MLB players with lavish gifts, sparking a legal battle with MLBPA.

6 days ago

Anticipation Reaches Fever Pitch for Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz and Derek Jeter’s Batting Practice at Yankee Stadium

Alex Rodriguez, David “Big Papi” Ortiz and Derek Jeter reunited for batting practice at Yankee Stadium, sparking nostalgia and excitement.

6 days ago

“He’s a Workhorse”: Alex Rodriguez Confident in Yankees’ Ability to Cope With Juan Soto’s Injury Better Than Last Year’s Aaron Judge Stint

Alex Rodriguez is confident in the Yankees’ depth to handle Juan Soto’s injury, highlighting an improved roster compared to last year.

6 days ago

“We Just Ran Out of Gas”: Alex Rodriguez Contrasting Being a Spectator of Timberwolves’ Playoff Loss Versus Being in Control as a Player Himself

Alex Rodriguez compares emotional toll of watching Timberwolves’ playoff loss, emphasizing the powerlessness of being a mere spectator.

6 days ago

A-Rod Advises Yankees to Lock In Juan Soto Immediately to Avoid a High-Stakes Free Agency Scenario: “Sign Him Up, and Sign Him Now”

Alex Rodriguez urges New York Yankees to lock in Juan Soto immediately before free agency, citing his potential and avoiding a bidding war.

6 days ago

Caitlin Clark’s Game-Changing Influence Draws Attention of IOWA Alumni: “Taking It to Whole Different Level”

Caitlin Clark’s electrifying game elevates Iowa women’s basketball, captivating alumni and fans with her next-level talent and leadership

6 days ago

“As Big as Steph Curry”: Caitlin Clark Earns Huge Praise as IOWA Alumni Draws Comparison With Warriors Star

Caitlin Clark’s rising star power, compared to Golden State Warriors’ legend’s, signifies a new era for women’s sports and brand partnerships.

6 days ago

Is Paul Skenes Shohei Ohtani’s Shadow? Rising Star’s Two-Way Dream Revealed in Rare Documentary Footage

Paul Skenes’ two-way dream, inspired by Shohei Ohtani, revealed in rare documentary footage, adds a new dimension to rising star’s potential.

1 week ago

With Mookie Betts’ Glove Still Not Golden at Shortstop, Will Dodgers Dial Up Trade Deadline?

Mookie Betts’ shortstop struggles at new position spark trade speculation as the Los Angeles Dodgers face crucial decisions at the deadline.

1 week ago

“Crash and Burn”: Alex Rodriguez Reported to Revel in Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Marital Disputes

Alex Rodriguez reportedly finds satisfaction in Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marital woes after their whirlwind romance.

1 week ago

MLB Predictions: Analyzing New York Yankees vs. Los Angeles Dodgers Epic Showdown This Weekend

Weekend’s New York Yankees vs. Los Angeles Dodgers showdown analysis: contrasting offenses, pitching duel, star power, and win prediction.

1 week ago

Shohei Ohtani Treats Los Angeles Dodgers Skipper Dave Roberts to Birthday Surprise With a $2000 Box of Luxury Indulgence

Shohei Ohtani gifts manager Dave Roberts $2,000 Japanese whiskey and chocolates for his birthday amidst Ohtani’s historic stolen base.

1 week ago

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