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Shrabana Sengupta


One take at a time

About me

"Those who gaze outward dream, but those who turn inward awaken." A pro-writer for MLB EssentiallySports, I’ve been a fan of the New York Yankees since my school days. In my adolescent years, I was introduced to the iconic franchise through one of my beloved Friends characters, Joey. My passion blossomed into a reserve of knowledge within the realms of MLB. With the dynamic evolution of the game, I discovered my true vocation while stumbling upon EssentiallySport. My interests, however, go far beyond crafting sports content. My artistic essence is reflected in my love of poetry, singing, songwriting, and painting. Looking towards the future, I dream of transcending traditional boundaries by becoming an entrepreneurial artist. I envisage a career that combines my passion for sports, business, and art, leaving a legacy that will resonate with fans for generations to come.