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Subhajit is an NBA beat writer for EssentiallySports. He started his writing journey almost a decade ago and after exploring and tinkering with the numbers associated with the game of soccer, his knack of analysizing every small detail landed him in the realm of hoopers, where he closely looks at trade numbers, analyzes players' averages and finds the hidden narratives behind those numbers. While he might not be able to dunk, his ball knowledge helps him get into all things related to basketball. In his spare time, he immerses himself in the world of classic audio stories. The documentary junkie in him also pushes him to consume multi-hour on-screen action covering sports icons, in turn making his literal big brain even bigger.

Articles By Author

LeBron James Holds Brave Face With 2 Words as Australia Exposes Team USA’s Weakness in Abu Dhabi

LeBron James makes himself crystal clear over USAB's scrappy win against Australia after avoiding a late scare in their Olympic preparation.

“Look Like Crap”: Team USA Abu Dhabi Game Has Fans Agitated Over Popular Network’s Official Streaming Service

Team USA's Australia game stream on a famous streaming platform leaves fans ballistic with Anthony Edwards putting a masterclass.

Despite LeBron’s Optimism, Paul Pierce Flags Potential NBA Setback for Bronny James With One “Little Concern”

Despite LeBron James' optimism, Bronny James receives severe warning from Paul Pierce as the NBA legend flags potential setback for the guard

Still Silent On Charles Barkley’s Slander, Stephen Curry Loses Precious Title To Family Member

Stephen Curry remains silent on Charles Barkley's 'coward' comment as the GSW star loses ACC title to family amid Olympic preparations.

Jeff Bezos’ $1.88B Deal Could Face Legal Trouble with TNT for Adam Silver’s NBA Media Rights

Adam Silver might have a $1.88 billion problem if TNT decides to match Amazon's deal amid complex situation surrounding the TV deal.

Paris Olympics: Anthony Edwards Refuses to Lament Over Major Problem of Representing Team USA

Anthony Edwards moves over from looking back at the drawbacks of joining USAB as the Timberwolves guard finds alternative way to level up.

Joel Embiid Ends Beef With Hakeem Olajuwon, Reveals NBA Legend’s Role In Ditching France For Team USA

Joel Embiid ends beef with NBA legend Hakeem Olajuwon by revealing him as inspiration for his USAB decision ahead of Paris Olympics.

Jimmy Butler Displays Rare Emotions For Carlos Alcaraz With Lando Norris Despite Euros Bias

Jimmy Butler makes amend to best friend Carlos Alcaraz on his celebratory day after missing live Wimbledon action in favor of 2024 Euro Final

Stephen Curry Reveals Team USA’s Steps To Cope With Donald Trump’s Attempted Assassination As NBA Stars Resume National Duty In Abu Dhabi

Stephen Curry opens up about Donald Trump's shooting incident, reveals how team USAB is looking to cope with the unrest following the event.

LeBron James & Steph Curry Bromance Brings Team USA’s Starting Lineup To Light Ahead of Abu Dhabi Clash

Viral footage shows LeBron James and Stephen Curry's bromance, revealing USAB's starting 5 against Australia as Olympic preparation continues

Exclusive: Ty Gibbs Confesses ‘Looking Up to Martin [Truex Jr]’ Amid Growing Bond With His JGR Successor

Check out the EssentiallySports Exclusive to know how Ty Gibbs looked up to Martin Truex Jr ahead of his imminent retirement from NASCAR.

Anthony Edwards’ New Teammate Shocks Fans with Body Engraved “Cheat Code” for $8 Billion Worth Game

Anthony Edwards' new teammate lights up Summer League in Vegas with a gaming reference that left the fans in a frenzy on social media.

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