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Vidhita is an F1 writer at EssentiallySports. The 2016 Italian GP was the first race that captivated her with the world of F1 & her fascination has only grown stronger over the years. Vidhita is an avid Max Verstappen fan & is enjoying his rise to the top in F1. Although she has a strong connection with Ferrari too, having a unique combination of favorite drivers & teams. With a natural talent for creative writing and a knack for connecting with her audience, Vidhita brings a unique perspective to her coverage of the sport. Her articles not only reflect her extensive knowledge of F1 but also showcase her ability to engage readers through captivating storytelling. She specializes in writing off-court & entertainment-related pieces, especially on F1 drivers' personal lives. In addition to her love for F1, Vidhita has a strong affinity for football and supports Manchester City and FC Barcelona. She is an ardent fan of Lionel Messi and admires his unmatched skills on the field. When she's not immersed in the world of sports, Vidhita enjoys the therapeutic power of music and indulges in binge-watching her favorite shows.