Bad Habits Animal Crossing Players Need to Quash

December 24, 2020 4:45 pm

Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out earlier this year and has ruled gaming charts since then. It might’ve failed to win Game of the Year at the Game Awards, but remains a breakout title in the list of entries this year.

The ongoing pandemic rendered everyone to a life of endless boredom. However, that statement has undergone a massive shift since the title’s inception.

Animal Crossing has been a household name for decades, but New Horizons is definitely a step up from its predecessors. This is primarily because the game paints virtual reality in a way no other title has been able to. And it does this even after having the same premise as the previous titles.

The players have been enjoying the title for almost a year now. With so much to do, several of them have already developed bad habits around their way of playing.

The following is a list of habits the players need to do away with in order to gain a better playing experience.

Bad habits Animal Crossing players have

Hoarding unnecessary items in their inventory

True, the game makes it possible for the players to store items in their inventory. These can be used to craft other seasonal items, these could be rare items, or the players can just sell these in order to make more bells.

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But players store items they may never need or have in abundance already. The game also enables the players to design unique clothing patterns with different colors. But what is the point of having the same outfit in 10 different colors if you won’t wear it?

As a result of this, players complain that there isn’t much storage capacity in the new title. This isn’t exactly true, but Nintendo nevertheless introduced additional storage to satisfy the players’ wants.

Excessive time travel

Animal Crossing lets the players enjoy the events they have missed. Initially, the title also lets the players jump ahead in time and enjoy events not available in their respective regions and time zones. However, many are still spending countless hours in their settings section just jumping back and forth in time in order to obtain season items they might have missed.

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The entire point of the function is to let the players enjoy an event they might’ve missed. But the players seem to have found a hack and are exploiting it without a grain of guilt.

There is nothing wrong with doing this, but the entire essence of the game is lost if the players constantly alter the natural chain of events. What is the point of celebrating Christmas 3 months before it arrives?

Hoarding DIY recipes

Each month comes with a set of new DIY recipes. These also change as the seasons change, but the players for an unknown reason also hoard these recipes. Now, there are several ways of landing a DIY recipe.

The recipes can be found in balloons, from the villagers, and even from the tiny message bottles that surface on the shore of your island. Many players like saving duplicate copies in order to share them with friends. But after a point, everyone has access to the same recipe as the techniques are universal.

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However, it is possible that players in different regions exchange DIY recipes depending on their time zones. But even to craft these items, we need seasonal items, which naturally won’t appear in a message bottle or a balloon.

In layman’s terms, stop hoarding DIY recipes!

Stop comparing your island with others

New Horizons allows the players to create an island of their dreams. The title also offers a lot for players with distinct playstyles and imagination.

If you constantly keep comparing your island with that of others, you can never enjoy the game the way it is supposed to be enjoyed. Keep exploring and create an island that is a representation of your own creativity and not someone else’s.

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