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Badminton players to watch out for

Badminton players to watch out for

The sport of badminton is one of thrills and unpredictability. No statistic or history or head to head can be used to guess the outcome of a certain match or tournament. There are giant-killers cropping up everyday, cutting short the run of “favourites” and breaking so many hearts. But then there are giant-killers who move up the ladder and evolve from shuttlers seeking to upset to stars themselves. They make a name for themselves and wish to be branded among the elite. Though no math can predict who will take the big steps to make history, there are certain players who perform consistently over a long period of time.

EssentiallySports brings you five of such badminton players to watch out for in the coming few months and years. Surprisngly, the list consists of no one from the badminton powerhouse- China, but is dominated by the new competitor -Japan. This can probably be attributed to their careful planning and training of prodigies to make them world beaters. But can it be assumed that China is sitting back? No. The dominant force will surely bring out players to match the pretenders soon enough. For now though, rest assured, you can certainly place your bets on these five very soon- maybe as soon as Rio 16.

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