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Best ever Trick Shots in Badminton

Best ever Trick Shots in Badminton

The incredibly quick sport that badminton is, it requires swift thinking as well as reflexes. There are certain moments in a rally when players are caught out of position, out of shots to play or when you have to conjure up something never seen before. No stroke from training can help them at that point of time, except the quick thinking and lightning fast instincts that have been developed over the years. At the level of professional badminton, it is amazing how absolutely accurate and flawless these “trick shots” can be, and how stunning and beautiful they make the game.

Danish players especially, have been known to produce such moments of brilliance. As you will see in the video below, the compilation is dominated by Danes, including anĀ unbelievable tweener by Hans-Kristian Vittinghus. Of course, also by the greats of the game like Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan and Peter Gade who certainly wouldn’t have made it so far in the game without such exceptional talent. In a game that is of relentlessly fast producing shots as fast as 493 km/h, these trick shots are like the icing on the cake. Watch the video and tell us what you thought was the best shot among them all!



Edited By : Akanksha Agarwal

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