‘Balance Is the Key In Life’- Novak Djokovic


Novak Djokovic, is looking to build on the good performance at Wimbledon, and make his way back to the top three singles rankings. He dispatched Peter Polansky in straight sets in the second round of the Toronto Open. The Serb was clinical in finishing off the points, and capitalized on his break point opportunities well, to close out the match in straight sets. Djokovic has been using his high looping shots to good effect in the recent past,and was asked about his strategy for using them, in his post match press conference.


‘You know, I’ve been using it in the past quite a lot in order to get back to the right position on the court and try to get back in the point’, said Djokovic. ‘And so today it worked actually when I broke his serve in the second set. I won two points with those kind of shots. So sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. There was no wind today, so I could really loop the ball pretty high.’

Djokovic also spoke about balancing his personal life with his professional one, and said that maintaining a balance has always been the key strategy in his life. ‘Well, I mean, balance is the key in life,’ said Nole. He also added, ‘You know, I love talking about that. And this, you know, balance as a word, as a term, is kind of a philosophy of my life and my approach to life’, said the Serb.


There is one thing that I think that, I mean, I personally have learned over the years when balance comes to matter is that balance is something that once you achieve it, it doesn’t mean that you are in balance. You know, it means that, you know, the next morning when you wake up, you got to do it again, and again, and again.’

Djokovic will face, rising sensation, Tsitsipas in his next round encounter later tomorrow.



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