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Bangladesh Eyes Champions Trophy 2017 Spot

Bangladesh Eyes Champions Trophy 2017 Spot

Bangladesh has had a stellar 2015- a great show in the world cup and then exhibited a new look to Pakistan in a series clean sweep at home. The usual second string teams are not their opponents in India this time around, they instead face a prolific outfit which is probably the most dangerous one day international team in the world.

Bangladesh has always been considered as the underdog-playing for pride-but this time they have considered changing their motives to emerge as a formidable opponent.

Bangladesh may run into India at home and will have to take advantage of the three match series if they  want a chance to make it to the 2017 Champions Trophy. The tigers are currently in the eighth  position at  88 points, one point above their co

mpetitors-Pakistan who are reeling in ninth position , and will play against the Sri Lankans next in their own  den to face a test of their own.

If Bangladesh clean sweeps the series at home again they will move up the table to 96 points to sixth or seventh position based on how England fares in their home series which they are trailing currently 1-2 against the Kiwis, and hence the tigers would have  a great chance to stay in the top eight , but if they win the series 2-1 they would move to 93 points and again seventh position at most which wouldn’t be the worst.

If they lose the series 1-2 then they would just move to seventh position by a fraction of a point and technically still at 88 points and hence the champions trophy chance could be hampered. On the other hand India would look to narrow down their margin to Australia to just 10 points by clan sweeping this series and in this scenario Bangladesh would slip to the ninth spot. If India does win it 2-1 then the visitors would stay the existing 117 points but a reverse result would see them join New Zealand at 115 points.

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