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Banned Fortnite Player Makes Strong Claim on Twitter

Banned Fortnite Player Makes Strong Claim on Twitter

Fortnite Dubs

Fortnite from Epic Games has been a real phenomenon since its launch. So, when one of the biggest Esports gaming team, ‘FaZe’, are pledged deep in, the hype just grows more prominent. Things took a bitter turn when one of the clan members Daniel ‘Dubs’ Paul Walsh got banned from the game. He has now claimed on Twitter that when he comes back for the World Cup 2021, he’s going to be animal-like in the game. 

Dubs tweeted, “When I’m un banned I am going FKN ham grinding 12 hrs a day. If u guys thought I was one of the best just wait, I am going to be a FKN animal by World Cup 2021. So hype that it’s another solo and trios lezgetittt.”

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Dubs has mentioned that he’ll be playing 12 hours a day to get into form. He also tells his fans that if they thought he’s one of the best, he is about to get a lot better.

It’s not unusual for a pro player to be out for redemption. Being banned from the game he is famous for would have certainly been a massive bummer for the 16-year-old. Dubs is currently on a 30-day ban from Fortnite. 

He has made a huge statement, and only time will tell if that plays out to be true. 

Why was Dubs banned?

FaZe Dubs was banned after an allegation that he teamed up with Junior Rogue member Waffles. The duo reportedly landed on the game and ignored each other to eliminate others to claim the win. 

The footage went viral in no time, and Epic Games had to take action. Dubs received a 30-day ban, but neither he nor Waffles have admitted to foul play. Dubs also justified the footage by saying what Waffles and he did was just a part of their strategy.

It is good to see Epic taking quick actions against such allegations to make the gaming platform better. As you sow, so you reap.

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