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Banned Streamer Makes Final Appeal to Twitch

Banned Streamer Makes Final Appeal to Twitch


Twitch handing out bans to its streamers is not something people are unaware of. Multiple bans have come to light over the years and there is always a good reason behind it. But, one former Twitch streamer is still appealing to the platform to un-ban him.

Dellor is a former Overwatch pro turned full-time streamer. He is best known for his entertaining rage moments on stream. But in October 2019, he took things a little too far.

Dellor took things too far during stream

Last year, during one of his streams, Dellor was having his usual rage moment. He already had a reputation for breaking multiple keyboards during such rage-induced moments. But this time, he took things a little too far. While streaming Apex Legends, he broke the keyboard on his head, ultimately injuring himself. He had to visit the hospital and get himself checked.

But, this did not sit well with Twitch. They considered this to be ‘self-harm’ and handed out a permanent ban to Dellor. Obviously he was shocked at this news but also understood the repercussions of his actions. Consequently, he put out a message for his fans.

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Dellor’s final appeal to Twitch

Things haven’t been the same for Dellor since then. He now streams on YouTube, but he still wishes to return to Twitch. He believes that he has learned his lesson and that Twitch should reconsider their decision regarding the permanent ban. Recently, in his final appeal to Twitch, he said “I’m writing this because I would like another chance. I streamed on Twitch for many years. I had over 4,000 hours streamed there. A majority of the time I spent streaming on Twitch, I was living in section 8. I was addicted to meth and adderall, was tens of thousands in debt. I had a lot of family and mental health issues.”

As heartbreaking as this is to read, it is highly unlikely that Twitch will show any kind of leniency here. One of the biggest Twitch stars, Dr Disrespect, was recently banned from the platform and still hasn’t been given a reason for the same. Dellor definitely gets points for trying but to no avail. At this point, he is better off working on his YouTube channel rather than waiting around from a response from the platform.

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