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Do Barcelona really need Paul Pogba?

Do Barcelona really need Paul Pogba?

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Coming to the end of the season, the Barcelona fan base got to see their number one transfer target, the dazzling French midfielder Paul Pogba up close for the first time when they played the Italian Serie A champions Juventus in Berlin for the Champions League Final. At 22, Paul Pogba is easily one of the best young players in the world at the moment and is one of the top transfer targets for Barcelona as repeatedly admitted by the club’s President and its International Sporting Director. Although, Barcelona are currently facing a transfer ban which will last for another 6 months, they can still purchase players but won’t be able to register them with the club till January meaning the bought players won’t be able to play for the club until January , 2016.

Now, assessing the current midfield of FC Barcelona- Ivan Rakitic seems to have fit perfectly in the squad as the hard working and vibrant midfielder has been one of the engines of the revamped Barcelona attack. The partnership between him, Sergio Busquets and Andres Iniesta has created a near perfect trio in the midfield that has evolved the Tiki-Taka to an even more lethal force which mixes the possession based game of Johann Cruyff with the counter-attacking style of Jose Mourinho.

So the question arises – Does the current Barcelona squad really need the services of Paul Pogba? At least four reasons can be cited as to why they the answer to this question is a big “NO”.

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