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Barcelona FC Pass United as the Highest Paid Team

Barcelona FC Pass United as the Highest Paid Team

According to the 2017 Global Sports Salaries, Manchester City and Manchester United are currently the top two teams in England. United spend £5.24 million per year on players’ wages while City spend £5.235million a year. However, the Premier League clubs fall behind Europe’s elite clubs in terms of wage spending. Barcelona FC pay the most with their annual total amounting £6.6 million after Lionel Messi signed his new £500,000 per week contract to keep at the club until 2021.

Barcelona FC

PSG lie second behind Barcelona FC spending around £6.5 million a year and Real Madrid pay their players £6.2 million every year. But despite the enormous figures, the respective leagues of these three clubs fall behind the Premier League in terms of average spending.

The average yearly Premier League pay in the 2017-18 season is £2,642,508. Which roughly means that each player earns £50,817 per week. Spain’s La Liga’s average expenditure is around £1.68million. France’s Ligue 1 average expenditure is £944,405 per year. PSG are currently six points clear at the top of the Ligue 1 table. Europe’s other two big leagues Italy’s Serie A and Germany’s Bundesliga average spends are £1.33 million and £1.26 million respectively.

The three best-paid teams in global sport all come from basketball’s NBA in the United States. The Oklahoma City Thunder (€8.038m), the Cleveland Cavaliers (€7.78m) and the Golden State Warriors (€7.731m) top the list with NBA players having the highest average wages at €6.2m each this season. Baseball’s MLB players are next on €3.8m and Indian Premier League cricketers, when weekly pay is pro-rated, receive €3.4m a year.

In conclusion, while English football may be struggling in the total expenditure department, the Premier league is ahead in terms of average expenditure. Can the other top class European Leagues catch up to the Premier League? Only time will tell.

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