Bartomeu: Barcelona want Pogba

June 8, 2015 12:08 am

Barcelona are reportedly interested in signing star midfielder Paul Pogba from Juventus. Given Xavi Hernandez’s departure from the Nou Camp, Barca needs a strong reinforcement for him. Although they have the young Rafinha Alacantra in their team, a strong and reliable presence in the midfield is required.

Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu said in an interview for a French football program ‘Telefoot’: “It is true that Pogba is a leading target of ours and obviously we are interested, but I can’t say anything more.”

“We are forbidden to recruit players until January, so I can’t talk about it.”

However, Juventus CEO Giuseppe Marotta insisted Pogba would remain at the club and not move to FC Barcelona: “Juventus wants to win the Champions League next season and Pogba is an important player. He will be here next season for sure, 100 per cent.”

Pogba, meanwhile, said nothing when asked about the reported interest from FC Barcelona: “I don’t even think about anything else while I’m at Juve. It’s nice to be asked but I’m not going to stop working for my club.”

However, Barca can seek encouragement from the fact that Pogba recently gave a statement about his dream to play together with the Barcelona wizard Leo Messi one day.

Also, given that the presidential elections were scheduled to happen at the end of the season and now since the Champions league final – the last official match of the FCB calendar for 2014-15 has been played, the board wants to accelerate through the signings so as to gain some support from the club socios. The present board’s popularity has taken a huge downfall since the emergence of multiple corruption cases involving the club’s management.

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