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SHOCKING: Baseball Legend Involved in Shooting Incident

SHOCKING: Baseball Legend Involved in Shooting Incident

On Sunday, Boston Red Sox legend and baseball player David Ortiz became a victim of a shooting at a nightclub in the Dominican Republic.

According to Ortiz’s father to the media, the bullet entered Ortiz’s back and exited through his abdomen. The former baseball star was rushed to the hospital for treatment quickly. Fortunately, Ortiz had a successful surgery and is reportedly in stable condition with no organ damage.

Speaking to the media, Leo Ortiz cheerfully declared, “Big Papi will be around for a long time.”

While an investigation was conducted, the police were able to confirm that robbery was not a motive. Also, the suspect was immediately accosted by other patrons in the nightclub and taken to the hospital for treatment. Following the treatment, he was released into police custody.

“They called to tell me that David is injured and that they took him to a medical center, but they did not tell me how he is or exactly where he was transferred,” Leo Ortiz revealed to ESPN. “At the moment, everything is confusing. I’m trying to find out where they took my son,”


The scene of the crime was the Dial Bar and Lounge in the nation’s capital. According to CCTV footage from ABC News, after the shots were fired, Ortiz, sitting at the bar, appeared to clutch his side in considerable agony.

“Our thoughts are with David Ortiz, who is reportedly hospitalized after being shot in his hometown of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic,” MLB tweeted on its official account.

Later on, baseball side, the Boston Red Sox released a statement, saying, “Late last night we were made aware of an incident involving David Ortiz in the Dominican Republic. David’s family has confirmed that he sustained a gunshot wound to the lower back/abdominal region. David is being treated at Clinica Abel Gonzalez in Santo Domingo where he is recovering after surgery.

“We have offered David’s family all available resources to aid his recovery and will continue to keep them in our hearts.”

TV host, Jhoel López was also a victim when the shooting took place, according to The Associated Press. Luckily, Lopez had non-life threatening injuries, as he was seemingly struck in the leg by the same bullet that hit Ortiz.

Hall of Fame pitcher Pedro Martinez, a former teammate of Ortiz, tweeted, “I’m at peace knowing you out of danger, you a strong man Compai, can’t wait to hear your voice.”

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