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Basic Steps To Help Increase Win Rate in Valorant

Published 09/28/2020, 10:43 AM EDT

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Valorant, developed by Riot Games, is a highly competitive game that requires accurate aim and good hand-eye coordination. Without practice or proper knowledge of the game, it is almost impossible to maintain consistent results. Interestingly, some basic tips can help players get the best out of the game mechanics and improve their results, without having to practice and grind too hard.

Valorant is a team game, so plan the teams accordingly


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First and foremost, a team needs to have a balanced composition of duelists, sentinels, and agents who can spam smokes. But this does not mean players should avoid agents just for the sake of balancing the team. Rather, they should focus on learning the basics for every role so they are an asset at all times and never become a liability for the team.

How important is warming up before the important Valorant games?

Many players do not believe in warming up before matches. Jumping directly into games is a slippery slope because competitive gaming requires efficient coordination between body and mind, which requires warm-up. Even the players with brilliant reflexes do not risk going directly to games. The best way to do so is to warm up with pistols, shotguns, rifles, SMG’s, etc.


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Flexible strategies while rotating and flanking yield good results


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It is very common to see players trying to carry out the same strategy and routine in every round. They choose their camping spots or their attacking zones and continuously try to pull off the same play. Such a playstyle can only work for a limited time in Valorant. So, it’s always better to vary your strategy and not be overly aggressive.

Flanking as a strategy is brilliant, but once the opponents figure it out, they will counter it in no time. And that applies to every strategy in the game.

Anchoring and rotating in games are very effective if used properly. When defending, players should anchor more because it gives them positional advantage. However, rotating is more effective while attacking. Attackers should always focus on forcing their opponents to anchor and then take easy kills.


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Players should never forget some other basics like map control, effective communication, and making proper guesses based on information, etc. Everyone seems to know the basics of the game, but the winners usually focus more on applying such basic strategies.


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