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‘Friendly Fire’ Fans React to Blake Griffin’s Scary Collision With Teammate During Nets vs Pacers

Published 10/30/2021, 9:01 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

The Brooklyn Nets haven’t had the best of starts to the season, with three defeats in their first five games. Missing Kyrie Irving and stars like James Harden underperforming, the blazing Nets have had a slow day in the office, especially offensively.

But with wins against the likes of 76ers and the Wizards, the Nets are slowly but surely gaining some form. Yesterday, the 2-3 Nets faced off against the Indiana Pacers who have had one of the worst records in the league with a single win and four losses. The Pacers, though, looked incredibly determined to make an impact as they took a 12-point lead in the very first quarter.

But the Nets made a solid comeback as they not only trounced the lead, they outscored the Pacers by 15 points in the second quarter. With momentum in their side, Harden and Co. rode the wave and ultimately were the victors with a 105-98 scoreline.


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Nets’ Blake Griffin & Joe Harris in a scary collision

While the Nets’ performance was impressive, the game was full of some eye-popping moments. Be it James Harden yet again not being given calls or LaMarcus Aldridge showing why he was an All-Star a few seasons ago.

But perhaps the most impactful sequence of the game came during a Nets possession. After Pacers missed a shot, Harden took the ball in possession while his teammates rushed towards the Pacers’ basket.


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Upon reaching half-court, ‘the Beard’ passed the ball to Joe Harris, who instantly passed it back to Harden and was planning to move to across the court. But little did the sharpshooter know that Blake Griffin was streaming forward. The two, who were in full momentum, collided with each other and immediately fell to the court.

But to everyone’s surprise, Nets’ head coach Steve Nash immediately did not call a timeout. After seeing Griffin struggling to get backup, Nash finally did call a timeout to check on Harris and Griffin.

NBA fans reacts to Harris-Griffin collision

NBA fans certainly had their fair share of reactions to this incident. From calling out Steve Nash to including Harden and the free throw jokes, fans were having a field day after the incident.


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This was surely one of the scariest incidents of the game, as the two players had a big chance of suffering from a possible concussion. While the collision could have had some terrible effects, fortunately for the Nets’ both their stars were all-right.



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