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Inside Stephen Curry’s Travel Investments That Took His Net Worth to New Heights

Published 12/11/2021, 10:08 AM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

Apart from the million-dollar contracts, NBA players end up investing and signing various deals to increase their wealth. By the time one retires, some players have earned more than, one can spend in a lifetime. Golden State Warriors icon Stephen Curry is included in this list; his endorsements and other investments complement his already-lucrative NBA contract.

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While a big paycheck warrants massive mansions and expensive cars, it also makes way for more investments. Let’s take a look at Curry’s net worth, and how the three-time NBA Champion works to elevate his income.

A look at Stephen Curry and his travel investments


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Back in 2018, the 33-year-old star invested his money in SnapTravel, which is a digital travel service that helps users people to book hotels via apps like Whatsapp. Curry invested through his company SC30. Furthermore, SnapTravel operates from Toronto, where the two-time NBA MVP often travels to.

The company actually makes use of ‘AI-based’ algorithms, which help their customers access their services via various messaging apps.


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The app has reached millions of people since 2016 and was seen as a smart investment for Curry in 2018. “Snaptravel operates as a travel agent over messaging offering these same great rates over a private 1:1 chat, while eliminating the overhead of a physical retail store,” reads the company’s site.

Though this is one of many investments made by Curry, it does add a sizeable amount to his net worth and yearly income.

Other investments made by the Warriors star Stephen Curry

Having said that, Curry, whose net worth is reported to be $160 million; has invested in various other companies. “My biggest goal for Stephen is to build credibility and a good reputation for him as an investor,” said Bryant Barr, SC30’s president. “It’s less about trying to find that next 100x return right now, and how do we just make sound, thoughtful investments.”

Curry’s investments have shown a particular versatility, ranging from fitness-related equipment to a beverage company.


Curry recently invested in Tonal, which is an AI-powered machine for people looking to work out at home. The Davidson-product himself used the machine, letting everyone that it did help him. “I’ve had a Tonal for almost two years. While in quarantine during COVID,” he said. “I have relied heavily on it to maintain my strength training and believe it is revolutionizing how people will work out now and in the future”. 

USA Today via Reuters

Along with Curry, Paul George, Klay Thompson, Serena Williams, and Rudy Gay have also invested in the company.


The seven-time NBA All-Star invested in TSM in 2018, an esports organization. It is easily one of TSM’s best investments, the whole company’s net worth reaching $410 million in 2020. They are also one of the biggest names in the industry, only hoping to reach more heights later on.

Mos and Guild Education

Curry invested in Guild Education along with Barr, the organization working to provide Fortune 1000 companies (Disney, Walmart and Lowe’s) to give their employees debt-free degrees.

USA Today via Reuters

“The timing was crazy because of our Eat. Learn. Play Foundation that launched last July,” Curry said. “This is an opportunity to really target that ‘learn’ piece and explore how important it is in terms of college education and college completion. And we’re trying to attack that from elementary school and on.”

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Unanimous Media

Curry’s media company Unanimous Media is one of his most important ventures. They have a deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment, aiming to develop films and shows focusing on “family, faith, and sports themes”. Good Times on Netlfix is one of their projects, along with The Greatest Sports Story Never Told and Fifteen Minutes from Home.

With many years in the NBA still left to go, Curry’s investments will also keep coming. In most cases, NBA players often invest more after their retirement.


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Which investment of Curry’s do you think was the smartest? What will the NBA star’s next business venture?

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