Michael Jordan Cements His Legacy and Stature in NBA Even More With an Unprecedented Move

July 22, 2020 4:00 pm

Michael Jordan has found immense success through the Jordan brand. It all started when Nike saw the glowing potential in a young Chicago Bulls player. The idea then turned out into a humongous business venture. Everybody goes crazy about the brand. Moreover, there is another personal victory for MJ, as massive news was announced recently.

It was informed that all 30 teams in the NBA will sport the Jumpman logo in their statement edition jerseys from the next season. To be precise, the ‘Jumpman’ logo will be on the right side of the jerseys and left side of the shorts which the players will be wearing next season.

This is a huge achievement and a tremendous victory for Michael Jordan. Not that he needs more recognition for his brand which is already fetching worldwide sales. But, incorporating his logo with every single team in the league is certainly a massive statement. 

The power of advertising is unparalleled. Every team sporting the Jumpman logo will take the brand to new heights certainly. The Atlanta Hawks updated its fans about the news by posting a video of their newly designed jerseys. The team showed off their brand new statement jersey as well, with Jordan’s logo soaring high on the right shoulder. 

Michael Jordan will now see an arch-rival sporting his logo on their jersey

Nike’s recent announcement also marks a personal victory for Michael Jordan, doesn’t it? Since it has been confirmed that every team in the league will be having the Jumpman logo on their statement jerseys, the Detroit Pistons will be sporting the logo as well.

Not meaning to imply that MJ has a dislike towards the current Pistons team, but based on the fact that he’s had a long-standing conflict over the ‘Bad Boys’ team from the 80s. While that might be three decades in the past, ‘The Last Dance’ certainly dug it up from the ground. Fans thoroughly enjoyed a cinematic version of the rivalry. 

In the third episode of the ten-part docuseries, Jordan looked back at their intense matchups and said, “Oh, I hated them. And that hate carries even to this day.” The Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons defined the late 80s era in the NBA

The Pistons employed an extremely aggressive approach to stop MJ and formed the ‘Jordan Rules.’ However, after three successive defeats at the hands of Isiah Thomas and the Bad Boys team, the Bulls succeeded in 1991 and swept the Pistons 4-0 in the conference finals, after which an infamous incident happened

Thus, looking at the Pistons wearing his Jumpman logo on their jerseys will certainly spark a smile on MJ’s face. The statement edition uniform is generally reserved for a team’s rivalry games or certain special occasions. 

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