“To Me it is Up for Grabs”: Hall of Famer Reveals the List of Players Who Can Succeed LeBron James as the Face of the NBA

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The NBA is a place where numerous basketball players have stepped in and wowed the league with their talents. Over the years, we have seen legendary players assert their dominance in the league for extended periods of time.

However, athletes like LeBron James are a class apart considering their ability to perform at the top level for several years without dropping form.

How long can LeBron sustain his place as the face of the league?

LeBron James has been the best in the league ever since his rookie entry in 2003. The Ohio native is one of the greatest ever to lace up a pair of sneakers.

With three rings and four league MVP awards, there hasn’t been a moment over the course of his glittering 17-year-long when the light hasn’t shone brightly on the Lakers powerhouse.

As the King now looks to earn a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers, how far can he really go?

LeBron is one of the fittest athletes there is. However, even a player like him knows that at one point he has to take his foot off the gas.

His body is in tremendous shape now. Yet, this doesn’t stop people from speculating about the face of the league or better yet, his successor, after he bows out for good.

NBA legend Reggie Miller joined the Dan Patrick Show recently, he was asked a similar question by the host. “After LeBron, who is the face of the NBA?” Dan Patrick asked.

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The Pacers icon mentioned that there are several players to steal that spot from the King once he steps away from the NBA.

“Right now, it is a clear-cut favorite that it’s LeBron. But who is going to try to grab the mantle once he starts to depart from the game? To me it is up for grabs,” Miller said.

Who does Reggie Miller have in mind as the face of the league once LeBron James retires?

There are several skilled players in the NBA. Everyone has their own glowing aspect. In recent years, James Harden has been a shining face of the league, winning back-to-back scoring titles.

‘The Beard’ is certainly on his way to becoming the scoring champion for the third consecutive year. Hence, Reggie Miller couldn’t exclude Harden as a potential candidate.

“I would probably say, James Harden. I would probably throw and up and coming Giannis because he will be the MVP this year. And he’ll be back-to-back MVPs. He is very personable. But I think it’s a huge gap,” Miller said.

Miller also had other potential stars that can take over the league. “Once Kevin Durant comes back a little bit and starts to play,” Miller said, mentioning KD as the potential face of the league in the future.

“You could throw Steph Curry in there,” he added.

Do you think these athletes can successfully hold their own as the face of the league for as long as LeBron James did?

SOURCE: Dan Patrick Show

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