Bathurst 1000: Teenager Peter Vadanovich Involved in a Scary Crash

October 12, 2019 4:42 pm

New Zealand teenager Peter Vadanovich was involved in a horrible crash in the Bathurst 1000 support race on Saturday.

Vadanovich, 18, was in the final lap of a Toyota 86 race, when he tried to make a move on the outside of a number of cars. But his car clipped one of the other cars before rolling multiple times and falling upside down.

Fortunately, he was able to walk out of the upturned car, when the medical staff rushed to him. and is now reported to be fine.

“I’m all good,” Vodanovich was quoted as saying by the Stuff as he left the medical centre. “The safety crew and all of the medical crew did a great job at making sure I was OK. I’m just very thankful that they were there to help out.”

“Everyone got bunched up at Forrest’s Elbow and then coming down to The Chase they were coming to the inside,” he said. “I thought I had a move around the outside, which obviously wasn’t there. I’ve got to say sorry for that, it was my mistake, but I’ll just push on.”


His father was reported to be watching the crash in pit lane, while mum was back in New Zealand, both of whom would have been relieved after the news of Peter being fine, other than a bandaged finger.

“The car does a great job at making sure I’m safe and the safety gear these days is really good,” Vodanovich further said. “I’m just a bit mad about it all, because I should have known better, but all I can be is happy that I’m OK and the safety crew was there to help me out.”

“I’ll be out there sometime soon,” he said. “Probably not tomorrow, but you’ll see me out there again.”

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