Batman: Arkham Knight Creators Confirm New Project

August 8, 2020 5:12 pm

This summer has been full of surprises. The anguish of the global pandemic has been neutralized by regular updates and insights into the new games that are coming this year. There’s yet another update and this time it’s by Rocksteady. The last production of the studio was Batman: Arkham Knight back in 2015 that was a part of the Arkham trilogy. I was honestly waiting for another title in the Arkham series but Rocksteady has surprised us all with its announcement. The company revealed that they have been developing a ‘Suicide Squad’ video game. Further details will be available later this month.

A Suicide Squad and Justice League Faceoff?

Rocksteady confirmed the news via a Twitter post. The post has an image of Superman with a Suicide Squad logo in the shape of a target. This could mean a lot of things. However, it comes down to two plausible and interesting sequences. One, it could be an attack on Superman. Two, this hostility could extend to the entire Justice League. This way, the player might face off against the members of the Justice League in the game.

More details around the structure of the game will be delivered on Saturday, August 22, at the DC FanDome. There are also reports suggesting WB Montreal is working on a game that could be an addition to the Arkham series. But we are not sure about that yet and will have to wait until the 22nd to get a clearer picture. A series of domains have been circling on the internet, out of which one suits the premise of the logo that has been shared on Twitter. is the URL that harmonizes with the poster shared by Rocksteady. No other details have been shared.

DC FanDome- What’s in store

There is a lot to look forward to. The platforms haven’t been revealed yet. It is also possible that the game will be available cross-platform. But this could push the date of release much further this year. A sequel to the Suicide Squad movie is also under development and James Gunn has been credited with the task of writing and directing it. The movie will be released in 2021 and more details will be available, again, on the 22nd of this month.


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