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Batsmen with most Run Outs in ODIs

Batsmen with most Run Outs in ODIs

Run Outs in ODI cricket

Run outs are undoubtedly the most irksome mode of dismissal for any batsman.

Inzamam-ul-Haq, Sourav Ganguly, Marvan Atapattu and Rahul Dravid, are some players, who despite being legendary are poor runner between the wickets. It’s funny to see stalwarts possessing such great skills with the bat, lacking in one of the basic requirements of cricket: running between the wickets.

However, some were very unlucky  to be at the receiving end and fell  into the trap of bad partners, which resulted in them with a record of most run outs in their career.

Here’s a list of batsmen who found themselves at the receiving end for the most number of times in
one day cricket

5. Mohammad Yousuf

Most number of run outs
The right handed Pakistani legend finds himself on the fifth spot with 38 dismissals in run outs.
Definitely a reliable batsman for Pakistan, but maybe not so reliable a partner from a distance of 22 yards.

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