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F1: Battles to look out for in 2017 – essentiallysports.com

F1: Battles to look out for in 2017 – essentiallysports.com

In a few days the wait will finally be over. The F1 season will begin again after what felt like ages. But this time around the excitement is over the roof because of the obvious reasons. The cars are new, they’re approximately 5 seconds faster, they look meaner and the overhaul means a change in the pecking order.

While concerns are being raised that the quality of racing may degrade because of the new levels of aero grip and reduced braking distances mean races could turn out to be a procession. But it’s  all part of a big ‘what if’ and we won’t know for sure until a few races into the season. But the new formula is not the only reason be excited about, there are new battles that every fan is eagerly anticipating to be raged to make the sport thoroughly enjoyable again.

The rewriting of the regulations means opportunity for everyone to make a leap towards the front of the grid or fall back in the event they get it horribly wrong. And when there are opportunities like these, there’s competition and competition is good for everyone.

For 2017, dynamics have changed and that means only one thing for the fans i.e. an exciting year ahead. So here’s a take at Battles that are expected to be raged all season long.

Hamilton vs Bottas

Hamilton vs Bottas should keep the viewers engaged

The V6 regulations and the resultant Mercedes domination has received a lot of flak. If there was any saving grace for the past three years than it was the rivalry between the two Silver Arrows of Rosberg and Hamilton. Their story felt like a convenient lift off from the script of a Hollywood movie. Childhood friends turned teammates turned foe. A naturally talented but free spirited racer vs a meticulous technical grafter. The narrative between the two kept us engaged for 3 years.Rosberg’s retirement, Valtteri Bottas has stepped in his shoes.

But after lifting the cup last year, Rosberg decided to retire and now Valtteri Bottas has stepped in his shoes.

And if Bottas is so much so even as quick as Rosberg then we can have an engaging battle on our hands for 2017. Mercedes is expected to be leading the pack and it’s two drivers embroiled in a battle for World Champion title. Bottas is no slouch and in a Williams for the past 4 years which has been no better than the third-best car has produced awesome results.

While Rosberg was really great on Saturdays, on Sundays against Lewis he failed to match up to him and that’s where Bottas’s strength is. He is quick and fast on Qualifying and reliable, consistent and aggressive on Race days. The two drivers are more evenly matched and this means one hell of a rollercoaster ride!

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