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BCCI to put a Player Agent Accreditation System to ensure transparency

BCCI to put a Player Agent Accreditation System to ensure transparency

The Board of Cricket Control of India has initiated another effort in the progress of making the game more clean and players more balanced. It has been decided to put a Player Agent Accreditation System in place and also to devise a Code of Conduct for those who ensure the players’ commercial activities. BCCI President Jagmohan Dalmiya issued a statement saying, “In order to make the structure thorough enough and to ensure that player agents are bound by the set of laws and the code of conduct, a thorough and extensive Player Agent Accreditation System would be in place soon.”

Apart from the above statement, Board Secretary Anurag Thakur also said that – “Discussions and consultations involving all stakeholders would be held shortly in order to achieve a high degree of acceptance and to propose a new system that is transparent and easier to administer.” He further asserted that, “The code would describe the minimum requirements for conduct and behavioural expectations. To ensure transparency, BCCI would get the draft ethics code vetted and finalised by an eminent senior lawyer with impeccable credibility and reputation.”

The next working committee meeting of the BCCI will determine the details regarding both the Code of Ethics and the agent agreement. In an earlier notification, all the Board members had been informed to sign an undertaking which would declare that the members do not have any ‘conflict of interest’ as long as they hold their functionary positions in their respective cricket associations. This clause is going to include no direct business contacts in cricketing affairs including stake in IPL or sponsorship or any other matter.

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