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BCCI Scheduling Angers Virat Kohli

BCCI Scheduling Angers Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli

Skipper Virat Kohli has expressed his unhappiness over the poor BCCI scheduling of the India team. Their ineptitude leaves the Men in Blue little to no time to acclimatise before the South Africa tour. The BCCI tried to accommodate the Sri Lanka series and sacrificed the Indian cricket team’s chance to prepare for the South Africa tour.

BCCI Scheduling
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Kohli emphasised on the need to assess (the schedule) in future. He also admitted that the India team management specially requested for seamer-friendly wickets for the Sri Lanka series to prepare for South Africa.

“Yes (we requested for the pace-friendly wickets), because unfortunately we get only two days before we fly to South Africa after this series gets over. So we have no choice but be in a game situation and think of what’s coming ahead of us. Had we got a month off ideally, we would have done a proper preparation in a camp sort of scenario. But we have to sort of make do with what we have,” said Kohli ahead of the second Test against Sri Lanka in Nagpur on Thursday.

The Sri Lanka series ends on December 24 and India play their first Test against South Africa on January 5. The Indian skipper made his feelings known over the BCCI scheduling ability. He said that they are cramped for time and the situation needs to be addressed in the future. The team is normally assessed when they go abroad but the tight schedule had made it difficult to do so. Everyone starts judging players when results come after Test matches. It should be a fair game where the boys get to prepare the way they want to. Only then are they entitled to be criticised.

Kohli and Co took the tight schedule as an ample opportunity to challenge themselves and push their limits. They wish to embrace being in difficult conditions. He admitted that immediate results wont be seen but they may get used to it after one or two or three innings.

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