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BCCI’s AGM to be postponed

BCCI’s AGM to be postponed

BCCI announce domestic schedule

Owing to the lack of clarification regarding whether N Srinivasan can attend the meeting or not, the BCCI’s Annual General Meeting is all set to be postponed. N Srinivasan is speculated to attend the meeting as the President of the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association.

The meeting was scheduled for 27th September.

A petition has been filed in the court for clarification on the matter. Srinivasan had earlier attended the working committee meeting  in Kolkata on 26th August. The Supreme Court said that by doing so he is risking being in contempt of court.

Anurag Thakur said – “As per our legal opinion he [Srinivasan] could not attend the meeting. But he then forced himself to be in the meeting. And we did not want any contempt of court. That is why we have filed the petition on Friday and may be in a few days’ time we should get the order.”

The BCCI will need at least 24 days to hold the AGM after the court issues the clarification. Thakur said that the impending postponement will not affect the plans of the Board. He further added – “Certain things are not in our hands. This has not happened for the first time. It has happened many times.”

In the past few days, there have been speculations that the functioning of the Board is being affected by the high-handedness of Dalmia & Thakur. Thakur said – “These are all baseless allegations. If you look at the work in the last few months it has been very smooth and controversy free. Our only intention is to make cricket controversy free and conflict free.”

“Many people who have still not yet signed the conflict of interest document, these are the people who are planting these stories. Rest of the 23 or 24 associations have given in writing (their consent). It is only the four or five are left who are raising these issues”, he further added.

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