Be There! Lil Nas X is Taking the Old Town Road to ROBLOX Yet Again

November 15, 2020 7:24 pm

ROBLOX announced a partnership with Columbia Records to have its first-ever digital concert. The concert saw Lil Nas X, who made his way to the gaming platform.

ROBLOX, however, isn’t the first game that opted for a digital concert in the pandemic. Fortnite, too, invited Travis Scott to hold an in-game concert that became an overnight success. At its peak, the concert had 12.3 million concurrent players watching, who were left wanting an encore.

The ROBLOX concert too was a massive success as players joined in huge numbers. However, there were still those who missed out and shared their dismay on social media.

This influx of messages, supplemented with the success of the first concert, led Lil Nas X to announce an update that has taken the community by storm.

Lil Nas X is making his way to ROBLOX yet again

Lil Nas X shared a Tweet to thank the players for showing up to his digital concert. He also announced that three more concerts are in order, following the success of the first one.

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Roblex announced just a few days ago that it has over 150 million players who are mostly kids and teens. The player base is growing at an exponential rate, which is a call for the game to grow too.

In order to fulfill that, ROBLOX joined hands with the music industry. This decision enabled friends and players to attend a live digital concert together, particularly during a time when friends can’t gather for social events.

The players need to follow a set of simple instructions to attend the digital concert from their respective regions. They need to sign up for a ROBLOX account, which is free, allowing the concert to permeate far and wide.

The players also need to download the game on their preferred platform as it is inaccessible without the game. Just like the first concert, the players might take part in scavenger hunts to win unique collectibles and can also get their hands on distinct Lil Nas X emotes.

Lil Nas X is not the first to feature a concert in a video game, and he definitely won’t be the last.

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