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Being Virat Kohli’s Wife: Anushka Sharma Opens up about its Downsides

Being Virat Kohli’s Wife: Anushka Sharma Opens up about its Downsides

Tabloid media had a field day when Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma was spotted being served tea by BCCI selectors, by former cricketer Farokh Engineer. Engineer himself did not hesitate to stoke the flames, something that Sharma, Virat Kohli’s wife did not appreciate.

Engineer claimed that he saw selectors getting tea for the actor, during this year’s World Cup. Naturally, it wasn’t long before Sharma fired back at the ex-wicketkeeper, in a lengthy Twitter post.

Engineer dubbed the selection committee a “mickey mouse committee” and accused Kohli of having a direct hand in selecting players. However, the 31-year old actor Sharma shut down such accusations and “false stories”.

“It’s not like this last piece of ‘news’ has upset me more and that’s why I have decided to break my silence. They have all been as regressive and horrible and malicious and vicious. So, don’t take this letter as my retort to this ‘news’,” she clarified.

“I have stayed quiet through all the times I was blamed for the performance of my then boyfriend, now husband Virat and continue to take the blame for the most baseless things involving Indian cricket. I kept quiet then.”

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma

Virat Kohli’s wife accused the media of trying to smear her’s and Kohli’s names in fabricated stories. She denied allegations of being part of closed-door team meetings and influencing selection processes. Sharma admitted that even where she was accused of getting preferential treatment, she stayed silent.

Virat Kohli’s wife even addressed rumours of her overstaying authorised time with her significant other, on foreign tours. She insisted that the BCCI could clarify that she always followed protocol.

She continued in her rant, “My name was used for false stories to make it look like the board was being bothered for my tickets or security, etc, when in reality I bought my own tickets for matches and flights and I still kept quiet.”

Sharma was referring to the decision of letting the Indian cricketers wives manage all their logistics independently, during the World Cup. The rule stated that the board and team management stayed out of such matters.

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