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Ben Askren calls Pettis a fake friend and asks for justifications

Ben Askren calls Pettis a fake friend and asks for justifications

Well, things are not going in the favor of the Funky One lately. Following the fastest knockout win in UFC history, Jorge Masvidal has been riding the waves of popularity. While the victim of the flying knee Ben Askren is seeking new friends as his friends seem a little insensitive on the topic.

First, it was Tyron Woodley who did a photoshoot with Jorge Masvidal. And Colby Covington took a shot at Askren on that topic saying that “We both need new friends”. Masvidal and Colby are good friends, while Askren and Woodley go way back. However, Woodley clarified the situation to Askren before the photoshoot. So it seemed fair enough for Woodley to do the shoot with Masvidal as it was completely business.

Ben Askren

However, things got worse when another member from Askren’s gym sides with Masvidal. This time it was the Showtime, Anthony Pettis. Anthony Pettis is facing Nate Diaz in the co-main event of UFC 241. Yoel Romero also happens to be on the same card to face Paulo Costa. Romero belongs to the American Top Team and he is a close friend of Masvidal.

Now it all happened when Pettis saw Romero in a UFC event and asked him about Masvidal. Pettis also said that he is happy for Masvidal even if Askren is his teammate. Dillion Danis brought this thing up on twitter with this tweet to Ben,

Ben Askren has reacted to Dillion’s tweet and he seems a little pissed off.  He says Pettis and he are not best friends but they had mutual respect as teammates. He also said that what Pettis did is unacceptable and Pettis owes him an explanation

Well, it seems Pettis did not mean to be on the other side with Masvidal. However, it’s hard to understand why did he even bring that up. reportedly, this video clip was also featured in one of the UFC embedded episode.

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