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Ben Askren gets boom roasted by Dillion Dannis in a recent tweet.

Ben Askren gets boom roasted by Dillion Dannis in a recent tweet.

Things have been a little tough for the Funky Ben Askren since that 5-second knock out loss to Jorge Masvidal. While he seems to be recovering well, few former foes of Ben have been taking jabs at him on twitter. Dillion Dannis and Colby Covington stand on the top of that list.

A few days back, Colby Covington posted a picture of Tyron Woodley and Jorge Masvidal doing a photoshoot together and said Ben that both Ben and he need a new friend. Colby said it as a joke since Masvidal is his team member and Ben is close friends with Woodley. Well, Askren came out saying that Woodley has talked to him about the photo shoot before it happened. But it seemed like Askren lost a twitter battle for the first time to Colby.

And now it’s Dillion Dannis’s turn at teasing Askren. Dillion just tweeted a video of Anthony Pettis asking Yoel Romero, a teammate of Masvidal at American Top Team, about Jorge Masvidal. Pettis also said that he is happy for Masvidal even if Askren is his teammate. Dannis couldn’t let this opportunity go and he tweeted saying that “You need some new friends Ben Askren”

Reportedly, Anthony Pettis will be fighting Nate Diaz in the co-main event of UFC 241. And Yoel Romero will be fighting Paulo Costa in the same card. A few days earlier, Ben Askren even went on to said that Pettis will make Nate Diaz look real bad in the fight in UFC 241. Nate will be returning to UFC octagon after a 3 year-long layoff. And in the past, Ben has also taken some shots at Nate on twitter.

Ben is notorious for roasting other fighters on social media. After the knockout, Masvidal also said that it was not right for Ben to do all the trash-talking leading to a fight. Askren has boom roasted many fighters, Conor McGregor, Colby Covington, Kamaru Usman, and Dillion Dannis to name a few.

Ben Askren will be returning soon after his first loss in MMA. On the Ariel Helwani’s show, Askren confirmed that he will be facing Damiam Maia somewhere in October but UFC has not announced anything about this fight yet.

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