Bernie Ecclestone Has Suggested Some Changes For Formula 1

June 27, 2019 10:44 pm

Former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone– a crazy head for some and among the most successful administrators of the sport according to many- has suggested a slew of changes that he would like to have in order to make the sport more interesting.

As we all know, Formula 1 is currently facing massive heat for the slightly dull and uninteresting nature of the contests that one’s gotten used to expecting and seeing from the highest form of motor-racing. The French Grand Prix of 2019 was considered among the most yawn-inducing contests seen of late.

To that regard, a lot many suggestions regarding what can be done, given the set of rules, in order to make the contest more enthralling than what it is now, are being floated.

To that end, Bernie Ecclestone, the noted Briton has had something’ to say. So what are these and how are they supposed to affect the sport we’ve all admired for years together but would quite want to see in a changed setting?

The septuagenarian had the following to say:

“We’re going to have two championships. They’re both world championships; one is the Constructors’ World Championship and the other is the Teams’ World Championship. The Drivers’ World Championship would not be affected in any way,” Ecclestone continued.

If you think that what you just read sounded a bit too strange, then well, consider the simple fact that it is coming from Bernie Ecclestone and none else!

“The Constructors’ Championship is for the teams that manufacture the engine and the chassis; teams such as Ferrari and Mercedes.

“For the Teams’ Championship, I’d build a car — like a very sophisticated F2 car. If Honda decided they weren’t going to be in F1 — or if Renault decided not to be a constructor — I’d do a good deal for one of them to supply everyone. These would be engines similar to those we have today. But one engine has to last a full season, with one spare engine only to be used if the original one has a failure.”

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