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Here’s Lewis Hamilton According To Bernie: Does The Briton Treat F1 As A Hobby?

Here’s Lewis Hamilton According To Bernie: Does The Briton Treat F1 As A Hobby?

Bernie Ecclestone

How do you lavish praise on an F1 driver and still get away by stating something that sounds slightly incoherent?

Well, ask Bernie Ecclestone.

Three things about Formula 1 can never be replaced. First, that’s its, obviously, a carnival of speed. Second, that it’s a sport graced by the likes of Senna and Prost and one taken to new heights by the likes of Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. And third, Bernie Ecclestone.

Some call him an aged fossil. Others, consider him to be a shrewd albeit whacky business magnate. But most conquer that it is characters like Bernie Ecclestone that make Formula 1 what it is: a risky cocktail of speed and technology made quirky thanks to former leaders like the British business tycoon.

While there’s hardly a dull day in the life of Formula 1, what can’t be ruled out is that every now and again, when former CEO, Formula 1 Group appears out of nowhere making those ‘lucid’ observations about the sport, things seem fun.

Do they not?

And in that regard, Bernie Ecclestone has made a rather interesting observation about the man behind five world titles, Lewis Hamilton.

Not someone who’s at all guarded about his feelings and ideas about a sport he’s led and directed for decades together, the 88-year-old has shared that Lewis is both- the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ thing to happen to Formula 1.

“Lewis is super and there is no doubt about that. Alongside his fashion business, it is almost as if he now treats Formula One as a hobby.” he further added.

If you thought there was a dearth in bizarre quotes surrounding F1, then how’s that for a one-liner?

According to Bernie Ecclestone, while Sebastian Vettel will retire from F1 if the German happens to lose the ‘number 1 status’ at Ferrari, Lewis Hamilton, on the other, is the only ‘real character’ in the top-echelons of motor-racing.

So do you agree with Bernie here?

Bernie Ecclestone
Bernie feels Lewis takes F1 as a hobby (The Telegraph)

As the sport gets ready to stage what will be its 1000th Grand Prix, as all eyes are on the prospect of seeing a heroic battle, Bernie’s comments make the upcoming contest such fun.

Do they not?

The above told, Bernie Ecclestone also implied in quintessential candidness that alongside his fashion business, Lewis Hamilton has perhaps started taking as a hobby. While one doesn’t quite know the true depth of these comments or whether how far are they make sense, if at all, what can’t be denied is that, there’s no denying Bernie his place among the sport’s most fiercely independent minds, and perhaps also a witty one.

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