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Best F1 Overtakes of 2017 Season

Best F1 Overtakes of 2017 Season

Best F1 Overtakes

Almost a week has elapsed since the season has ended. And if you’re a true fan like me, you’re beginning┬áto feel the absence. It sucks you know knowing its more than 120 days until the next race, the next overtakes. But do not worry, for we’ve brought you a collection of best F1 overtakes of the season to help you through the F1 hibernation.

Vettel on Hamilton, Spain:

Starting the list with Vettel’s incredible wheel banging overtake on Hamilton. The German battled the Brit on the strategic front over the entire course of the race. With Medium tires, he emerged side by side Hamilton and forced his way.

Too bad the soft tire and the superior pace of the Mercedes allowed Hamilton to move ahead of Vettel a few laps later. Regardless of the end result, This is the perfect candidate to kick of the best f1 overtakes list.

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