Best F1 Overtakes of 2017 Season

November 30, 2017 11:53 pm

Almost a week has elapsed since the season has ended. And if you’re a true fan like me, you’re beginning to feel the absence. It sucks you know knowing its more than 120 days until the next race, the next overtakes. But do not worry, for we’ve brought you a collection of best F1 overtakes of the season to help you through the F1 hibernation.

Vettel on Hamilton, Spain:

Starting the list with Vettel’s incredible wheel banging overtake on Hamilton. The German battled the Brit on the strategic front over the entire course of the race. With Medium tires, he emerged side by side Hamilton and forced his way.

Too bad the soft tire and the superior pace of the Mercedes allowed Hamilton to move ahead of Vettel a few laps later. Regardless of the end result, This is the perfect candidate to kick of the best f1 overtakes list.

Vettel on Ocon, Canada:

Canada was a rather disaster for Vettel. On paper, he should have finished P2, but a fast charging Verstappen overtook him at the start. A piece of front wing was gone in the process too forcing Vettel to pit and drop down the order.

And thus began, Vettel’s charge up the order. Catching the warring Force India duo when only a few laps were left, Vettel gave his all to overtake Ocon. You can watch this next nominee for best f1 overtakes below.

Ricciardo on 3 guys, Azerbaijan:

Daniel Ricciardo and overtakes go hand in hand. The Australian has rightly earned himself the title of ‘overtaker extraordinaire’ in the 7 years of his career so far. Ricciardo’s ability to brake as late as possible has resulted in some pretty insane lunges and overtakes.

However, this year’s Baku race stands out from the usual. Barring the controversy, the ‘Honey Badger’ submitted his nomination for best f1 overtakes, and it was a blinder!

Perez on Massa and Kvyat, China:

Perez’s overtake on Massa and later Kvyat really stands out. For starters, the track was dry everywhere else except the start/finish straight. Drivers had to use dry tires but that made navigating the straight tricky.

And that made Perez’s overtake ballsy. The Mexican did not lift the foot from the throttle even when running on water with dry tires. He went off the track, came back and overtook Massa. And then almost immediately performed the switchback to outrun Kvyat. Bravo!

Vettel on Bottas, Spain:

It’s Vettel again. It’s Spain again. Well what to do, the German was on fire that day it seems. Before he overtook Hamilton and then lost it, Vettel had to duel with Bottas.

Catalunya is a difficult track to overtake and being stuck behind Bottas was costing him time. Vettel had to make a move and boy he did on Lap 25. Go ahead take a look:

Vettel on Ricciardo, China:

What more can be said about this overtake other than the fact that this particular overtake is F1’s only entry in FIA’s action of the year award?

It had everything, two ex-teammates, wheel banging, smoke and a ballsy move.

Ocon on Perez, Spa:

The Force India duo seems to act like giant magnets. Whenever they’re near each other on track, more often than not they have had difficulty keeping their cars separate. You remember Baku and Spa right.

Well in Spa before Perez and Ocon took each other out, the Frenchman did a hair-raising overtake on the Mexican right on the opening lap. What’s more? they were 3 on track and it was right before the famed Eau Rouge!

Ricciardo on Perez and Kimi, Italy:

Ricciardo and Italy, enough said right?

Ya, I know. But on a race where he charged through the field, his moves on Perez and Kimi are worth looking at on replay. Ricciardo crowned himself as the king of the late brakers and pulled of some of the best f1 overtakes the world has ever seen.

Magnussen on Massa, Singapore:

The Dane’s bad boy image and the Haas’s finicky nature had somewhat masked what he’s capable of. But in Singapore, Magnussen showed the flashes of speed and determination he’s quite known for:

Hulkenberg on Kimi, Japan:

Hulkenberg’s move on Kimi stands out as the 2015 Le Mans winner went toe to toe with the Ferrari in an inferior Renault at the ultra-fast spoon section of Suzuka.

While Hulkenberg prevailed, Kimi was forced out of track and fell down the order.

Magnussen on Massa, Japan:

After battling in Singapore, Magnussen preyed on Massa again in Japan. When the Brazilian veteran erred and ran wide on turn 1 on lap 42, Magnussen who had been tailing Massa didn’t need a second invitation. He barged past the Williams and that allowed his teammate to sneak past Massa as well.

Sainz on Perez, USA:

To say that Sainz’s debut for Renault was wonderful would be an understatement. The Spaniard took the mantle for the team when star driver Hulkenberg was hit with grid Penalty.

Taking it up a notch higher, Sainz caught Perez and battled with him before overtaing him at a highly unusaul place.

Ricciardo on Stroll, Brazil:

It’s another one of Ricciardo’s lunges from way back. This time it’s the other Williams of Stroll and the track is Interlagos.

Perhaps Ricciardo should be made to start from the back of the grid more often than not. Just kidding:

Grosjean on Stroll, Abu Dhabi:

If so far you thought only the Haas of Magnussen was making the moves, well you’re wrong. Romain Grosjean had his share of the action too. His duel with Lance Stroll in the desert stands out.

Stroll was in a faster Williams while Grosjean’s Haas did not suit the Yas Marina. Hence the Frenchman had to rely on his experience against the rookie in the fast car. Grosjean overtook Stroll but only for the later to respond brilliantly. But a couple of laps worth of fighting later, Grosjean overtakes Stroll highlighting his experience in the process.

The duo’s battle somewhat livens up what was a boring race. Hope the changes that are being discussed to be made to the track work out.

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