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Best F1 Season Finales of All-Time

Best F1 Season Finales of All-Time


With Lewis Hamilton wrapping up the title early, it denied fans the chance to watch him and Sebastian Vettel duel it out. To make up for that disappointment, Essentially Sports brings to you 8 of the Best F1 season finales of all time. These F1 season finales could be between 2 drivers or even more. The point is, every battle defines a driver. So without further ado, here are the Best F1 Season Finales.

Best F1 Season Finales

1981 Caesar’s Palace Grand Prix

Best F1 Season Finales
Nelson Piquet defeated Carlos Reutemann

This was an absolutely nail-biting race as Carlos Reutemann held a 1-point lead over Nelson Piquet. The pendulum swung towards the Argentine as he started on pole. Just as it seemed that fortune was smiling on Argentina, the tables were turned just as quickly. Handling problems during the warm-up culminated into a totally undriveable car in the race. As a result, he began to drop like a stone. Meanwhile, teammate Alan Jones drove off into the sunset. By lap 17, Piquet’s Brabham caught and passed the ailing Williams of Reutemann.

“I remember seeing there were still 33 laps to go,” Piquet recalled. “I couldn’t believe it. By then I was already finished. I couldn’t keep my head straight. I just kept going because I knew if I was in front of Carlos then I had the championship.” He eventually crossed the line fifth but on his returned to the pits he collapsed in the cockpit, vomiting. That race seriously took a toll on the new world champion.

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