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Best Matches of Mirza-Hingis and Paes-Hingis

Best Matches of Mirza-Hingis and Paes-Hingis

Tennis doubles seems like a forgotten sibling of the game nowadays, with singles grabbing most of the spotlight in the Grand Slams as well as other ATP Tour matches. But, to counter the views of many tennis fans who enjoy watching only few doubles’ pairs, two successful pairings of the Swiss maestro Martina Hingis with two Indians, Mirza-Hingis and Paes-Hingis proved how interesting a doubles’ game could get just by seeing the co-ordination and continuously flowing magical shots. Indian fans could actually boast of their players’ one of the best seasons in the past years.

Today, on Mirza’s birthday let’s have a look at her achievements in doubles and mixed doubles.

The world no.1 Sania Mirza, who along with no.2 Martina Hingis went on to win multiple tournaments which included 3 Grand Slams U.S. Open and The Wimbledon in 2015 and Australian Open in 2016. The other tournaments were Indian Wells, Miami Open, Charleston, Guangzhou and Wuhan and the BNP Paribas WTA finals Singapore. They went on to record a 41 match winning streak during this period.This successful partnership came to an end this year but they reunited briefly after. They certainly proved together that all the fun is not just in watching the Federer Vs Djokovic Finals!

The other successful partnership of Hingis was with another Indian, Leander Paes who seems to be finding his best as he is going past the age of 40! He won the Mixed Doubles Title in the Wimbledon as well as the U.S Open in 2015 and the French Open in 2016 along with Martina Hingis again!

Here some of the best moments from this pair’s season :

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