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Best Moments: Willis vs Federer

Best Moments: Willis vs Federer

Wimbledon 2016 has just seen one of the most interesting matchups in the history of tennis so far. It involved the clash of two players with the most contrasting lives in the tennis circuit so far. While Federer has been consistent member of the top 3 in the tennis rankings for quite some time now and also a 17 time Grand Slam winner, Marcus Willis, the world no.772 in fact thought of quitting professional tennis a few months back. We look at the best Moments of one of the most special stories of Wimbledon 2016 so far:

#1 The RF T- Shirt

Wimbledon 2016 Tennis Championships, Wimbledon, London Picture Andy Hooper DAILY MAIL/Solo Syndication Day Three 29th June 2016 Roger Federer v Marcus Willis
Roger Federer vs Marcus Willis Picture Andy Hooper DAILY MAIL/Solo Syndication

When Willis was playing through six gruelling qualifying rounds, little did he imagine that he would be facing a living legend of tennis in Round No.2 of the main draw. And what made the clash more interesting is the fact that Willis had worn a Roger Federer T-shirt, while playing Federer himself.

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