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Best performances by Nico Rosberg in 2016

Best performances by Nico Rosberg in 2016

Nico Rosberg finally managed to defeat his childhood competitor Lewis Hamilton, taking the championship by 5 points. 2015 was not easy for him, but he had a good exit to the season by winning the last 3 races which led to his brilliant performance in the starting of the season as well. There were ups and down in the roller coaster of a season that it was, but we present to you five of his best performances of the season, which justify his resilience and make him a worthy champion.

1.Singapore Grand Prix:

Nico Rosberg

It’s beyond a doubt that Singapore will feature as one of Rosberg’s finest drives ever. He came into this race winning the previous two races in Spa and Monza and thus cutting his teammate’s championship lead to a mere 2 points. If the previous year’s race were to be taken as a precedent, Mercedes were expected to struggle.

Heading into the early sessions of the Grand Prix, both Hamilton and Rosberg showcased pace, although Hamilton’s sessions were destroyed due to issues with his car. Rosberg went on to complete a stunning lap to put him on pole, whereas Lewis Hamilton had to settle for third place.

The start of the race was perfectly executed by Nico Rosberg who led from start to finish, controlling the race pace and looking after the car despite early issues with his brake management, something Hamilton was struggling with as well.

Hamilton was involved in a battle for the last podium position with Kimi Raikkonen. He took an aggressive pit stop on lap 45 as a result of which Ferrari panicked and gave Kimi the pit stop as well. Seeing the pace of the duo, Red Bull responded by giving Daniel Ricciardo a pit stop for a fresher set of tyres, effectively without losing a grid position. Mercedes couldn’t risk letting Rosberg in at all because of the brilliant outlap done by Ricciardo. Thus, Nico now had to hold off the Aussie who was expected to catch him by the last two laps. Nico ,in return, responded, putting in some stellar laps himself and thus managing to hold off the charging bull for a well deserved victory by a mere 0.4s. A championship worthy drive indeed.

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