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Best Quotes on The Ginger Prince- Paul Scholes

Best Quotes on The Ginger Prince- Paul Scholes

There’s an overwhelming rush of emotions as you try to explain Paul Scholes.  A surge that comes to a screeching halt as you just can’t figure out that perfect word or feeling for it. But you know it’s there and it’s so deep inside you that it feels like you are under the ocean, suffocating, as you frantically wave your hands and try to grab anything you can but you seem to just miss that escape, that answer. It’s not easy. Words like legend, genius and the like are too common these days. They would never do justice to Paul Scholes. No way.

Unequivocally and universally admired within the footballing community is a man named Paul Scholes. It’s a classic irony that the man who is the embodiment of simplicity and who became known for quietly getting on with his job, and shying away from the limelight, has a bunch of people who have so much to say in his appreciation and his work. But the fact that the Ginger Assassin preferred to do the talking with his feet right up until his retirement, has left his legions of fans with innumerable memories of raking 50-yards cross-field, inch perfect passes, thunderous volleys from outside the box ending at the back of the net, and the odd X-rated tackle. And hushed conversations about his footballing feats have by no means been restricted to his awestruck fans, with some of the greatest in the history of the game voicing their admiration for the diminutive midfielder. And so, without further ado, let’s take a look at what the likes of Pele, Pirlo, Zidane and Sir Alex Ferguson have had to say about Paul Scholes.

The unsociable midefielder. The greatest Manchester United have had since Duncan Edwards and George Best, the greatest anyone has graced the Old Trafford pitch in this century. One of the greatest ever.
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