“Big Four Is a Myth” – John Millman on ATP Player Fan Experiences

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In the 2010s Tennis Fans started seeing the ‘Big four’. It consisted of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray. They dominated every Grand Slam and have been on top of the ATP rankings. Between 2010 and 2019 the Big 4 won 36 out of 40 Grand Slams. But there has been a lot of debate on whether Stan Wawrinka should be included and it should be renamed to ‘Big five’.

John Millman also believes that Wawrinka should be included. There are a few points in favor of Wawrinka. He has three Grand Slams which are the same as Murray. But Murray’s success outside the Grand Slams has made him come closer to the other three than Wawrinka.

Millman expressed his opinion regarding the Big 4 in a reply to a tweet by Daniel Vallverdu. Vallverdu is the coach of Wawrinka. The tweet was about ATP’s fan experience prizes. And one of the prizes includes a frame featuring signed rackets from the Big 4.

Millman straight away deemed the Big 4 a myth and made it Big 5 including Valverdu’s student Wawrinka.

“Big four is a myth, should be big five with Stan Wawrinka” tweeted Millman.

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What are the ATP Fan Experience Prizes?

Vallverdu has been promoting these fan experience prizes with the ATP. These prizes are auctioned to raise money for the ATP coach program. Since the pandemic came in, it has caused a financial burden on lower and upcoming coaches. So to help them sustain these Fans experience prizes are being auctioned.

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“It has been really exciting to see the response the initiative has received so far. It’s fair to say it has exceeded all our expectations and will go a long way to help coaches,” said Dani Vallverdu,

Some of the prizes include a private coaching session with Andy Murray at Wimbledon, including two tickets to the men’s singles final and lunch at the members’ enclosure. This auction will continue until the 27th of July.

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