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Top 5 Servers on the ATP Tour

Top 5 Servers on the ATP Tour

A service, has to be the most potent weapon a player can possess, across all games, single or team, racquet or not, indoor or otherwise. It can propel you to win games, matches and maybe titles, even if you have a mediocre game. It’s importance can be judged by the fact that more often than not, a break of serve is considered the set divider in tennis. Whosoever breaks, wins the set, provided he holds his serve. So, in no particular order, are 5 of the biggest servers on the ATP Tour plying their trade now.

Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrigos
This eccentric Australian prodigy is much more than his on-court antics, which seem to be grabbing all the attention. The youngster of Greek and Malaysian descent, has a monstrous serve which generates immense power. It propelled him to stardom last Wimbledon, when Rafa Nadal couldn’t handle the aces he knocked down at an insane speed combined with his power. If that isn’t proof enough, sample this- he had the highest aces per match average last year, and has won one of the highest percentage of service games this year.

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