Black Ops Cold War Developers Promise Balances by the First Season

November 16, 2020 4:02 pm

The Call of Duty franchise finally launched the 2020 title Black Ops Cold War a few days ago. Having tried the game, many players already feel that the game needs a few balances. There are various weapons that are taking up the meta space right after the launch. Many of them are also more powerful than they were intended to be.

After hearing complaints from the players about the issue, the developers responded quickly. One developer mentioned in a tweet that the studio will introduce balances by the launch of season one, if not before.

Treyarch is carefully monitoring the analytics of weapons and scorestreaks use. They’re also reading up on feedback from players. Therefore, based on this data, they will bring balance changes for weapons, scorestreaks, and more.

First impression of players on Black Ops Cold War

The biggest issue that players have had right from day one is something that has carried forward from the alpha and the beta versions. The snipers are still way powerful with very fast ADS speed.

Players allege that they are practically like shotguns and feel that using snipers requires no skill and they can just run and gun with sniper rifles. This is definitely disappointing as the issue has persisted throughout the test versions and Treyarch still couldn’t fix it before launch.

Apart from the lightning fast ADS, snipers also have a one-shot, one-kill ability, including on the arms and legs. The other unbalanced weapon is the MP5 that feels more like an AR rather than an SMG because of the recoil and long-range.

Talking about ARs, the M16’s ability to kill in a single burst makes it a very popular choice. Regarding the scorestreaks, the UAV needs a nerf along with these weapons.

While players unanimously agree to most of these changes, the issue with snipers is a hotly debated one. As Tony said, they are always taking feedback into consideration, so it remains to be seen how Treyarch solves the issue with snipers.

Shwetang Parthsarthy

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