Black Ops Cold War: Here’s How to Unlock all Nuketown ’84 Easter Eggs

November 25, 2020 11:35 pm

Call of Duty has a knack for adding Easter eggs to their games. Their latest title Black Ops Cold War has had Easter eggs right from the alpha version. The developers carried the practice on to the beta and now the global version.

The recent update of Black Ops Cold War brings the classic Nuketown map to the game. The developers have given a 1984 remodel to the classic map, so it matches the running theme. Naturally, as the map arrives, so do the Easter eggs.

A major Easter egg surfaced on the internet a while ago. According to it, players can change the theme of the map by shooting the heads off of the mannequins. However, this is not the only Easter egg in the game.

All the other Easter eggs in Nuketown’84 from Black Ops Cold War

The first Easter egg is a connection to the campaign mode. The Nuketown map has mailboxes strewn in front of the houses. These have indications of the ongoing CIA vs. Perseus battle in the campaign mode. There are various other hints all around the map, including graffitis and busts related to both the USA and USSR.

The next Nuketown Easter egg is as classic as the map itself. Just like the previous versions of the maps, this too has an RC-XD parkour course. There is a small hole in the fence that players can use to escape the RC-XD and enter the course.

Another one connects the map to the recent Haunting of the Verdansk event in Warzone. This highlights the upcoming cross-studio collaboration between the two Call of Duty games. Furthermore, a wall on the map has the phrase “Game Over” written on it, which is the catchphrase of Jigsaw who had made an appearance in Warzone during Halloween.

Apart from these, other Easter eggs include a possible message from the then US President Ronald Reagan playing on a radio inside the house. However, since the message is unclear, there is uncertainty around what it could mean. Moreover, there are also a few Mountain Dew cans on the map, making for the first public appearance of the soda company’s partnership with Call of Duty.

There are many other peculiar details all across the map. Players can watch these in the recent video uploaded by The Gaming Revolution.

Shwetang Parthsarthy

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