Black Ops Cold War: Top 5 SMGs That You Should Use to Own Your Pub Games

Published 01/03/2021, 10:45 AM EST

SMGs are usually used by players who like to go fast and pick up close range fights. In Black Ops Cold War, some SMGs are able to go toe to toe with assault rifles, in both close and medium-range battles. Although assault rifles generally have better stats the SMG class is no slouch either. This brings our attention to hidden gems in this class that can outdo an assault rifle and many other weapons quite handily.


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If you are one of those players who love mobility and a high rate of fire weapons, then these 5 SMGs should be right up your alley.


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Top 5 SMGs that packs quite a punch

The weaponry listed below contains one of the best guns present in the game. You should definitely build a dedicated class around each one of them as they can turn the tide of a difficult situation.

Milano 821

Milano might not seem like a weapon that can break into the top 5 list, but it is certainly no joke. It has the slowest rate of fire as compared to all the other SMGs and low damage at medium ranges. Although it has a couple of drawbacks the weapon can be really good in the right hands.

It shoots straight, has minimal to no recoil, and if you shoot accurately, it can be very useful. You can cover up its issue of a slow rate of fire with attachments.


This gun has been a crown jewel of SMGs in the previous iterations of Call of Duty games and it performs similarly well in Cold War. While the recent nerf it received plummets it in this list, it is still pretty powerful.

It has no recoil; it shoots quite accurately, and the rate of fire is just godly with decent damage stats (damage was nerfed). You can use the gun with fast mags that will give you two magazines with 40 rounds each. It is still one of the best guns of the game.


Introduced with the first season of Battle Pass, MAC-10 is an unlikely warhorse that people think very little of. It has the best fire rate in this category and can decimate anyone in close range.  The gun indeed has a recoil that goes upwards and it exhausts its magazines quickly. These drawbacks can be compensated by unlocking a couple of attachments and you will have a splendid weapon on your hand.


This weapon along with its assault rifle variant has ruled many ‘Call of Duty’ games. AK47u has the highest damage output in the entire SMG class and its rate of fire is also really amazing, but it only lacks in the recoil aspect that could affect your overall accuracy. Newer players might find that hard to control, but with enough practice, you should be able to master the weapon.

It is quite frankly one of the best weapons in the game that can outdo assault rifles pretty easily. So make sure you have a class made for this weapon with proper attachments that can help you control the recoil and enhance its accuracy.

KSP 45

This gun is simply peerless in close range as it takes no time at all to kill the enemy. Considered a hybrid  SMG weapon between the Aug and M16, it is undoubtedly the best in this category. It is the king of close-range combat that will guarantee you the win, even if you don’t shoot first. The rate of fire and the easy to control recoil pretty much makes this gun the best close-range weapon in the game.


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So there you have it, the entire list of best SMGs in Black Ops Cold War that you should definitely use to dominate your pubs. There are plenty of maps and areas that require you to engage the enemy and in a close quarter situation. In these tight places, the rate of fire dictates the winner. There is no better class of weapons than SMGs to win those up close and personal combat situations.


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