Bloodbath At The Belo Horizonte For Brazil

July 9, 2014 4:49 am

Decimation is perhaps an understatement when it comes to the German victory against Brazil in the Semi Final match of the World Cup. The fact that the Brazilian crowd was booing their own players is perhaps a conclusive summary of their horrific 7-1 loss. The home team looked absolutely helpless on the field, as the Germans adroitly whizzed one goal after another past Brazilian keeper Julio Cesar, who spent most of the game picking the ball from the back of the net.

Experts did believe that there would be a huge dent in the Brazilian armour following the news that both Neymar and Thiago Silva would miss the game, but anyone who tells you that they foresaw this is full of shit.

Dante, who replaced Thiago at the heart of the defence, proved to be a total failure which was visible in the clear lack of coordination that he showed with Luiz, who kept meandering in the opposition half. Fernandinho, who has been such a revelation at Manchester CIty, can be held responsible for 2 of the goals that were scored in the opening half an hour. In truth, the Brazilian defenders looked like sitting ducks. Luis Gustavo, perhaps, was one of the rare players who looked like he fancied a duel, making numerous interceptions during the game.

Prior to this match, The Maracana have been undefeated at home for the past 39 games. Also, Brazilian manager, Luiz Felipe Scolari, had successfully guided Brazil to a victory over Germany 12 years ago at the World Cup, so it was reasonable to expect him to make more of a fight out of this game. Quite like many of the players on the field, this would be his worst nightmare by quite some distance in his countless years of professional management.

It must also be duly noted that the Germans played a very sagacious game, managing their players perfectly, as they passed the Group Stage and the Quarters without physically pushing the heavyweights in their team.

This game may also be remembered for a much awaited goal by the widely adored Miroslav Klose, who surpassed the Brazilian legend, Ronaldo’s tally of 15 World Cup goals, by scoring early on in the game.

Chelsea man, André Schürrle, also had a memorable time after coming on in the second half and scoring both German goals during this interval of play. On the whole, just as the score line suggests, it was a clinical performance by Deutschland, who have now qualified for the Finals for a record 8th time in World Cup history.

As far as the heartbroken fans in Brazil are concerned, all one can hope for is for the Brazilians to give them a consolatory victory in their final game on the 12th of July, when they will take on the other losing semi-finalist.

Apart from this game, the team have done their nation proud by reaching the semis, and perhaps winning the match for 3rd place would be some kind of a redemption for their woeful loss at the Belo Horizonte. Or are the wounds just too deep to be sealed?


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