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Bloodhound And Bangalore OP Combo Best Right Now in Apex Legends

Bloodhound And Bangalore OP Combo Best Right Now in Apex Legends

Apex Legends by EA revolutionized BR format when it came out. After the latest update, quite a lot of characters got tweaked. However, if you are looking for an OP team up, then your team needs Bloodhound and Bangalore. These two have always been top of the food chain—prime predators with their tactics and abilities. The latest update tweaked Bloodhound to be one of the most powerful legends. Recently popular gamer iTemp Plays released a video showing their strengths.

Both of these characters are primarily known for their offensive abilities. When they are in a team together, the mix can be quite unbalanced, so make sure always to keep a medic in the team. Lifeline or Pathfinder, both work but we would suggest Lifeline over Pathfinder. The combination can be deadly if used right.

What Are The Best Ways To Use Them In Apex Legends?

Bloodhound’s passive has to do with tracking the opponents, like his name, he can follow their footsteps. While Bangalore’s passive allows her to run away quickly, saving herself while taking fire. The best way to use their passive abilities is by creating a diversion – after Bloodhound tracks the enemies, Bangalore can go from the other side to attack them. Make sure to keep your medic with Bloodhound as Bangalore can still protect herself for some time with that ability.

The other trick that gets the opponents by shock is a little challenging to pull off, but when it is done correctly, the opponent stands no chance. It has to do with Bangalore’s tactical ability where she fires the smoke after Bloodhound tracks them with his passive. The trick works as Bloodhound can still see the enemies in the smoke with his passive. However, this needs a lot of coordination as Bangalore, and the third Legend has to be on sharp alert. 

Who Are The Legends That Can Match This Combo?

The answer to that is weird, but these two characters are sort of vulnerable to their own abilities. The opponent team having a Bloodhound or Bangalore of their own can cause some trouble. The latest update has buffed up Bloodhound quite a lot.

The other legends who trump these two are – Caustic, Revenant, Wraith. Always make sure to stay safe from these three because they can change the game anytime. 

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