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“Part of the Problem”: 76-Y.O. Arnold Schwarzenegger Raises Red Flag Against Deadly Disease Set to Affect 1.9 Million Americans, Offers Surprisingly Simple Solution

Published 09/26/2023, 1:26 AM EDT

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76-year-old fitness icon Arnold Schwarzenegger often writes about how various aspects of modern lifestyle have detrimental effects on our health. Habits like being sedentary, ignoring sleep, and junk food addiction have long-term effects. In the last issue of his newsletter, the bodybuilding icon revealed how one such habit increases the risk of contracting a deadly disease.

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The disease Arnie talked about in his newsletter is none other than cancer. Every year, cancer kills millions around the world, and the numbers climb each year. “A little over 1.9 million new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in the US in 2023,” says the American Cancer Society. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger provided a simple solution to reduce cancer risk.

The mindset preventing people from being healthier


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In his newsletter, Arnold Schwarzenegger informed his readers that procrastination might be holding them back from leading a healthier lifestyle. The seven-time Mr. Olympia wrote that the simple step of committing to a regular exercise routine could help prevent cancer. The Austrian Oak highlighted an analysis to drive his point home.

The bodybuilding legend said the analysis found that committing to an exercise program could reduce 46,000 cancer diagnoses. However, “Many people wait till ‘tomorrow’ to begin a program, and that’s part of the problem because movement is a key part of prevention,” Arnie wrote in his newsletter. The former Mr. Universe even mentioned how much a person needs to workout every week.


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“The goal is to get to 150 minutes of movement per week,” wrote Arnie. While it might sound intimidating, walking 15 minutes twice a day is enough for anyone to reach the 150-minute goal. The 76-year-old fitness icon wrote that people often struggle to find motivation to exercise. However, he hoped the information he provided about preventing cancer might give them the boost they need. The former bodybuilding champion has also written about another solution.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has highlighted another method


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Besides exercise, the Terminator actor has pointed out another often-ignored aspect of health. As our lives get busier, many are perpetually working and never seem to have free time. An alarming number of people also ignore sleep in their quest to be more productive. However, sleeping enough and improving sleep health can also reduce cancer risk.

A few months ago, the bodybuilding legend wrote about how a person can improve their sleep by adding an extra hour every night. While many people think they can catch up with their sleep on the weekends, sleep debt increases the risk of cancer and other deadly diseases.


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Several factors, such as work pressure, mood, and motivation, might prevent people from working out. However, Schwarzenegger hopes his no-nonsense advice inspires them to improve their health, preventing diseases like cancer.

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