Promising Men’s Physique prospect Andrei Deiu made a lot of noise after placing 5th in his first Mr. Olympia in 2020. However, Deiu’s career took a downward turn after the initial high. Andrei Deiu has laid low after winning the IFBB Texas Pro 2022. Now, after taking a proper break, Deiu is looking to make 2024 his year.

Earlier, the Men’s Physique competitor posted an update about what he has been up to in the past few months. The fan-favorite bodybuilder explained how taking a break from ste***ds helped his body recover. He also announced some big plans regarding his competitive bodybuilding career moving forward.

Andrei Deiu went through some drastic changes


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Andrei Deiu addressed his 6.3 million Instagram followers in his update, who’ve been waiting patiently for his return. “Not the shape you guys are used to see but we are almost 5 months off gear,” wrote the Men’s Physique bodybuilder. The 29-year-old looked downsized in the pictures he uploaded. Besides losing muscle mass, the bodybuilder also didn’t look like his usual ripped self.



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Deiu claimed that he had lost a lot of weight because he didn’t take any performance-enhancing d***s. The 2020 Olympia fifth-place finisher wrote he now weighs “90kg (198 lbs)… Which is (the) lowest I’ve been in 2-3 years.” However, losing muscle and conditioning weren’t the only changes the bodybuilder saw. Deiu happily announced the improvements in his blood work results.

However, some “really good” blood work wasn’t the only positive. Andrei Deiu explained that his latest “home panel” also yielded “good” results. Then came the big news that all fans had been waiting for. “We are ready for a comeback,” announced the 29-year-old. Hany Rambod’s pupil also wrote that this was a “much-needed,” break as he got to “spend more time with loved ones.” Now, the fan-favorite feels mentally and physically recuperated to get back on stage.

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Can he shake up the Men’s Physique division?

Ardie Deiu established himself as a probable future champion in 2020. While he slipped two places in 2022, the bodybuilder is yet to realize his full potential. Hence, he hopes to start with a clean slate, free of health issues. The last few years have also been an exciting time for the Men’s Physique division, as no champion has found a foothold in the division.

In 2022, three-time champion Brandon Hendrickson lost to Erin Banks. Banks looked like he might become a dominant champion as he won the following Arnold classic. However, underdog Ryan Terry’s much-improved physique and posing proved too much for Banks. Hence, it’s not unreasonable to imagine that Deiu might pull off something similar to shake up the division yet again.


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However, only time will tell how well Andrei Deiu performs. As he prepares to make a return to bodybuilding, the 29-year-old must win a qualifying show before stepping on the 2024 Mr. Olympia stage.

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