“Arms Are Getting Better and That’s Scary”: 330LBS Bodybuilding Beast’s Latest Physique Update Already Convinces Fans of Mr. Olympia 2023 Results

Published Aug 5, 2023 | 3:05 PM EDT

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The Nigerian bodybuilder, Samson Dauda, is all hatched, carving out his whopping physique in the bodybuilding pantheon for 2023 Mr. Olympia. Months after getting crowned as an Arnold Classic conquistador, Samson Dauda is tremendously exceeding the hype from the aesthetic, conditioning, and mid-section standpoint, under the tutelage of Milos Sarcev. Ahead of clinching the August title of one of the most prestigious competitions, Dauda came to grips with the most rugged bodybuilders, including Nick Walker, Andrew Jacked, and more. 

The bodybuilding beast came sixth with an exceptional performance by debuting at the 2022 Mr. Olympia. Recently, a video of Samson Dauda showing off his artful and aesthetic physique was unveiled by a YouTube channel that runs by the name @nickstregthandpower, leaving his fans frenzied. 

Fans are getting frenzied to see Samson Dauda at the 2023 Mr. Olympia


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Nick’s Strength and Power, a YouTube channel with 1.33 million followers, posts a video of the bodybuilding beast, Samson Dauda, saying “At three hundred and thirty pounds, fifteen weeks out of the 2023 Mr. Olympia.” The video downright got the fans gaga over it, forming a streak of comments. As the fans were frenzied by just looking at the extravaganza 330 lbs physique of the bodybuilder, one of them commented, quoting, “His arms are getting better and that’s scary.” 

The video was liked by 1.8k fans across the globe, receiving a boatload of comments carving up scores of opinions, also mentioning the 336 lbs weight of the Nigerian lion in 2022 Mr. Olympia. “Samson’s wow-factor is off the charts. The man looks incredible, I don’t believe there has been anyone that has made 330 lbs look more aesthetic. He simply has monstrous genetics,” quotes a fan. Another fan says, His physique reminds me of Brandon’s, the roundness and the 3D look resemble a lot.” 


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Some of the fans also quoted Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Samson Dauda will be abutting Arnold’s records by commenting, “If he delivers the same physique as the Arnold classic, he should place third or better.” As 2023 Mr. Olympia is around the corner, the streak of comments doesn’t stop here, with fans stating, “ He looks f*****g amazing, but he still needs more on that back. He’s in England with Dorian, he needs to start training back with the man with the best back ever. Then He’s a shoeing for Mr. Olympia.” Fans are getting swivel-eyed because of the forthcoming 2023 Mr. Olympia leading to a cascading effect and opening a stream of dogmas, wherein fans are seemingly wagering Samson Dauda. 


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The bodybuilding prodigy is all set to crown the title for 2023, Mr. Olympia

The reigning champion bodybuilder with a broad-shouldered, hulking physique is still to be brought out with a long-lasting voyage in the realm of bodybuilding and fitness. As one of the fans quotes, “Samson should improve his tricep pose and tuck in his belly wid a bit twist to show his obliques.” The IFBB pro bodybuilder from Nigeria joined the realm of bodybuilding in 2014, since then he has exhibited incremental progress with excellent conditioning as evident in his rock-solid physique. However, he must shred off a lot more to become the next Mr. Olympia. 


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He is definitely cracking the top 3. hadi,derek,samson solid top 3,” says a fan. After his win at Arnold Classic 2023, Milos Sarcev is confident of his protégé, Samson Dauda, that he is going to be the next Mr. Olympia to clench the Sandow trophy by defeating Hadi Choopan, and Derek Lunsford in 2023. What do you think about the rising bodybuilder, Dauda? Do comment below.

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