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Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins Fans in Lauding Bodybuilder Overcoming Physical Disability to Attain Insanely Ripped Physique: “Most Inspirational Sh*t on the Entire F**king Planet”

Published 11/18/2023, 5:45 AM EST

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The internet has no shortage of young fitness influencers. 21-year-old Sam Sulek has exploded in popularity on the internet. Recently, 19-year-old Anton Ratushnyi also amazed netizens after winning the Summer Shredded 2023 Classic Physique at 19. However, 16-year-old Hunter Moore isn’t your regular bodybuilder with a large internet following.

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Besides being 16, the special athlete has battled a complex health condition since he was a child. Moore was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a child, and the left side of his body became visibly underdeveloped. Growing up, the young boy faced many challenges, and doctors thought he would need assistance for day-to-day functions. However, Moore proved them wrong and delved into bodybuilding. Recently, the bodybuilding community and the legend Arnold Schwarzenegger commented on one of his videos.

Hunter Moore beat the odds


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The young bodybuilder frequently posts reels on Instagram. Moore posted a clip of him flexing in the mirror. In the video, Moore included a comment someone might’ve directed toward him. “Bro you’re so lucky to look like that,” read the text as the bodybuilder showed off the physique he built after overcoming immense physical and mental challenges.



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However, the latter half of the video showed the young bodybuilder’s childhood struggles with cerebral palsy. Hunter Moore included clips from his childhood undergoing treatment just to be able to walk. “You call this lucky?” read the embedded text during the clips. However, Moore didn’t give up and despite his medical condition chased his dream. His video earned him praise from none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and the bodybuilding community came together


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The seven-time Mr. Oympia, Arnold Classic founder, Hollywood superstar, and former governor commended the young bodybuilder’s spirit. “My man,” wrote Arnie about a week ago. Others also praised Moore. Others felt inspired by his resilience. “This gotta be the most inspirational shit on the entire f**king planet,” wrote one fan who felt inspired.

Other bodybuilding fans also left similar comments. “Broooo that’s actually mad impressive keep it up, bro,” said one bodybuilding enthusiast. Another user showered praise “Lucky to be alive, well deserved to look like a f**king machine. Keep it up,” wrote another fan. “Big respect dude,” commented another.


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Hunter Moore had no control over being born with cerebral palsy. However, the bodybuilder defied his diagnosis and aimed for lofty goals. Now, at 16, Hunter Moore is well on his way to achieving more than he could’ve dreamed of while earning the praise of legends of the sport.

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