Maria Shriver, the former first lady of California and ex-wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger, recently added another achievement to her illustrious career. Shriver is known for her active social work and fight against Alzheimer’s disease, honored with a prestigious award at the Gracie Awards, which celebrates women in media.

Her fight against the incurable disease began when she found out that her father had been diagnosed with it. Since then, she has been actively working toward her goal of finding a cure. Recently, she partnered with the Cleveland Clinic to establish a research center. Her work in the field has earned her this year’s Women’s Health Visionary Award for her unwavering advocacy for women’s health and Alzheimer’s research. Adding to her accolades and acknowledgments for her remarkable work, she is now honored with a prestigious award for her contributions to the journalism and media industry.

Maria Shriver urges women to speak up


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Shriver took to her Instagram account to share her excitement with fans and followers alike. She wrote in her caption, “What an honor to receive a @allwomeninmedia Gracie Award in a room full of women who are using their voices to cut through the news, to cut through the clutter. May this be a reminder that we all have the power to speak up and speak out!”

During her acceptance speech, Shriver emphasized the critical role of women’s voices in today’s media landscape. She highlighted how essential it is for women to use their platforms responsibly amidst the chaotic and noisy public arena. “This is a moment I think that desperately needs women’s voices. Women’s voices to cut through the clutter, the chaos, and the noise and set the record straight,” she declared.


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Shriver reflected on the challenges she faced early in her career, recalling a time when opportunities for women in journalism were limited. She shared how women had to alternate between menial tasks and were only called upon to take the lead when their male colleagues were unavailable. “Most of the women that I was working with had to alternate between brewing coffee and always being on call so that when the man got sick, we could cover their assigned story,” she reminisced.

Despite these challenges, Shriver progressed from an intern to a journalist, and eventually founded her own media company, “Shriver Media.” She acknowledged the difficulties of running a media company independently, noting the absence of extensive support and resources typically available in larger media organizations. “It’s way tougher to be out there doing this kind of work because…you have to do everything from scratch,” Shriver stated.


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Shriver’s vision for her Media House

Despite the initial difficulties, one mantra that helped her get through the tough times was “You have to be fearless, you have to believe in yourself. You have to be brave. You have to show up time and time again.” Shriver’s award-winning project, “The Conversation Series,” aims to create impactful content that informs, inspires, and moves humanity forward.

She expressed her gratitude for her team’s dedication and the recognition from the Gracie Awards. She emphasized her vision,as they aim to make a difference and shape public discourse effectively. Shriver concluded her speech with a heartfelt acknowledgment of the trailblazing women who paved the way for her and her contemporaries.


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She also paid tribute to her late mother and her children, emphasizing the importance of parenting in shaping the future. “I want to thank my kids who remind me every day that parenting, particularly motherhood…in the end of the day, is what changes humanity the most of all,” Shriver said, bringing her speech to a touching close.

Maria Shriver’s recognition at the Gracie Awards celebrated her achievements and underscored the vital contribution of women’s voices in media. Her journey from intern to owning a media company is a testament to resilience, passion, and the enduring impact of believing in oneself.